“This is the world of Artrepreneurship” – All stock footage provided by Videvo
Kayla Banda, Reno, Portland, art and entrepreneurship
Kayla Banda – Helping creatives become entrepreneurs ~ Business Counselor, Creative Producer, Human!

Thanks for coming. Let me share a bit with you below:

I’m here to help bridge the gap between art and business by giving all kinds of creatives the confidence and business tools they need to market and monetize their work!

I write from a place of well-intention and focus on the following as my core values: creative freedom, preparation and process, a focus on project implementation, and hard work.

In my free-time I love watching movies, reading, enjoying creation, petting dogs, working on creative projects, and hanging with my best friend, Christopher!

I’m so grateful for you and the art you want to share with the world. Thank you for reading!

What I Do

Business Advisor

Project Producer

Creative Director

Marketing Director


Business Advisor and Marketing Director at the Small Business Development Center
(2017 – current)
Working with entrepreneurs of all kinds to help them start and grow their brands and businesses!

Project Producer and Creative Director at CREATIONS Film
(2019 – current)
Working with artists of all kinds, learning about the challenges they face and the visions they want to create!

Master of Business Administration
(Graduated 2020)

Bachelor of Marketing and Entrepreneurship
(Graduated 2019)

A Project on Finding Peace – https://www.breakingduality.com/